Alex Katz, <em>This Is Now</em>


Alex Katz, This Is Now

Catalogue of the exhibition Alez Katz, This is Now

Catalogue of the exhibition focused on the evolution of landscape in the career of Alex Katz (b. 1927 Brooklyn, 1927) over the last 25 years. Although best known for his portraits, Katz has painted landscapes both inside the studio and in the out-of-doors since the beginning of his career. The images in this volume evidence his signature style characterized by flattened planes of color, shallow pictorial space, and lean, reductive but acutely descriptive lines. The essays by Michael Rooks, Margaret Graham, and David Salle, and the poems by the artist’s son, Vicent Katz, and by John Godfrey, help the readers get an immersive experience of Alex Katz’s works.

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