Can purchases be made from any country?

Yes. You can make online purchases from anywhere around the world. The courier company will make sure your order arrives as quickly as possible.

Can the delivery address be different from the country of purchase?

Yes. Yes, simply indicate your preference in the shopping cart; the billing address and the delivery address.

How many languages are available for browsing the on-line store?

Two: Spanish and English

Is it safe to buy online?

Purchasing Guggenheim Bilbao items through the Internet is as safe as buying at our brick-and-mortar store.

All transactions that involve the transmission of personal information or bank details are carried out within a safe environment.

All of the information is sent in encrypted form for transmission over the Internet. Your credit card details are not recorded in a database.

Am I required to enter a Tax ID (NIF) or passport number?

Only in case you need an invoice Spanish or EU citizens will be required to enter your tax ID or passport numbers. Citizens from other countries may choose to enter their passport number or not.

Do I need to register to make purchases?

You need not register to make a purchase. You may choose to register and create an account to make your purchases. You only register once, so every time you make a purchase you do not need your enter your personal data as they appear in your account; you may change your entered personal details in your account any time.

Are the online prices the same as I would pay in the actual Guggenheim Museum Bilbao shop?

Yes, they’re exactly the same, except for special online sale items, which receive an additional discount.

Do the on-line store prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices are inclusive of value added tax. 16% VAT is applied to all products (7% in some cases), and 4% on Museum Publications. However, this tax is applicable only in Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands) and European Union member countries. Therefore, VAT will be subtracted on orders outside the EU, and the total price will displayed in your shopping cart.

Will articles marked “not available” eventually become available?

All articles are made available as soon as possible or removed from the website.

Will I be sent the same article as shown in the photo?

High quality photographs are used to reflect the details of each article. However, there may be differences in designs, colors or textures in articles made by certain processes, such as hand-painted objects.

Are the items well protected during shipping?

Yes. All items are packaged to guarantee arrival in perfect condition. However, should any article not arrive in perfect condition or be damaged upon delivery, please let us know and we will try to replace it as soon as possible (see Returns Policy).

Where can I receive my order?

There are two options to receive your order: it may be shipped to the address you selected as delivery address or you can pick it up at the Museum Store. In the latter case, you will receive an email from us informing you that you can collect your order. You will have 15 days to do so and will need your order number and personal ID.

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