General information

The page is organized in families of articles. Each family is then divided into subfamilies. Clicking on the subfamily will take you to the different items.

Clicking the name of the article, will bring up detailed information and a photograph. The images can also be enlarged.

The system works like a shopping cart at a supermarket; If you press the “add to cart” button the article will be placed in your shopping cart. -(If you make a mistake or decide you don’t want an item, you can always change your order.)-

When you’re finished selecting the items you want, you can go to checkout. The program will then ask you for delivery and billing details.

A summary of your orderwill be created at the end of the process. We suggest you print out a copy of this form for your records. You will also be sent confirmation of receipt of your order stating that your order will be sent to the delivery address indicatedin a few days’ time.

If you wish to make any enquiries regarding the purchasing process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On-line Store Contact:

Phone: (+34) 94 403 91 37 (business hours, Monday to Friday)
Fax: (+34) 94 435 90 55

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